Goals to set for 2021

I just heard that in 2020 there will be a new device that can turn your thoughts into instant speech.

I’ve had that for years… I call it alcohol.

In other news…

If 2020 was a business we could sue it for pain and suffering.


‘Things that Compound / Your New Years Goals’

Einstein called ‘Compound Interest’ the 8th wonder of the world.

The best example I can think of is that when you double a penny for 30 days straight… on day 30 you end up with over 5 million.


The exciting news is that same compounding magic also works in other areas of your life.

*Takes patience*

Therefore… I’m going to attempt to influence your 2021 goals / New Years Resolutions.

This ONE THING series was started for one simple reason…

A few years ago I set a goal of ‘mastery’ for myself.

Mastery, to me, is becoming a little better each day.

I compete with ME, not you, not the competition, not Tony Robbins, not Jay Abraham etc…

*The profound impact this has had on my life has been immeasurable*

I figured if I can help my audience and the business coaching community do the same thing… we’d be onto something.


One daily nugget, from me to you, with these emails.

Here are areas of your life that compound and areas I’d encourage you to consider setting your goals around for 2021.

1. Building up your knowledge
2. Building up your experience
3. Building DEEP relationships with your closest friends
4. Building DEEP relationships with people you can learn from (including PAYING for them but do your due diligence and stop getting fooled by the “influencers” that consistently disappoint you)
5. Building your audience
6. Building products / services / offers THAT WORK (for the person that pays for them)
7. Understanding and applying ‘Mental Models’
Number 7 is of vital importance and rarely talked about or understood outside, what I’ll call ‘heavyweight circles’.

If you want to understand more about Mental Models listen to my last few podcasts.
As a starting point… learn to slow down and turn your ‘instant gratification’ button OFF.


Not to mention the NY resolution of ‘losing 10 pounds’ is getting kinda lame.
You heard it here first.